Landscaping Supplies

Calcium Magnesium Acetate
Eco friendly ice melt

Chips (Payground & Hardwood)
Federal and State certified SAFE and recommended for schools, home, and playgrounds.

Compost (Nash)
Sold by the yard or mixed with loam. Perfect for raised beds.

Stone Free Trench Drain - (Also in 10' lengths)

Do It Yourself Drip Feed Irrigation For Plants and Gardens
Emitters - Emittes 1/2 gallon per hour to up to 5 gallons per hour.
Irrigation Feed Hoses 1/8" to 1/2".
Drip Feed Watering Kit.

For both Stone work and/or Garden use.


Grass Seed

Hosta, Daylilies & Ornamental Grasses.

Landscape Fabric

Pelletized in 40lb. bags.

Screened Premium.

Black Mulch (NO dye), Delux Brown, Hemlock (Natural), & Red Carpet Mulch.

Bagged Mulch
Pure, Bark Mulch bagged and easy to handle. 2 cubic feet. Brown, or Hemlock.

Peat Moss

Playground Sand

Potassium Chloride
Ice melt 50lbs.

Silt Fencing, Construction Fencing, & Geogrid Fabric

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